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21.03.2011, 784e3df04c98f2ec1d596460850f0960-7148840Екатеринбург и Свердловская область. Версия 6.2 В новой карте уточнена дорожная сеть области и областного центра, детализированы города Верхняя Тура, Дегтярск, Краснотурьинск, Тавда, Троицкий. Также были внесены исправления по сообщениям пользователей. Пробки и корректуры на новую карту рассылаются с момента публикации карты.

Алматинская область. Версия 4.1

В новой версии карты добавлен поиск по двойным названиям, исправлен поиск по поселку ОТЕГЕН БАТЫРА, актуализированы названия населенных пунктов с учетом изменений, действительных на 1 марта 2011 года, исправлены все обнаруженные ошибки.

Новые карты — Азербайджан. Версия 1.2

Азербайджан 1.2 — первая и единственная карта Республики Азербайджан на русском языке. Карта является русскоязычным аналогом существующей

актуальной карты Республики Азербайджан версии 9.3.

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In response to the earnings report on Tuesday, Apple investors registered their unhappiness with the results by sending its shares down more than 5 percent in after-hours trading. In the regular session, the stock fell 2.9 percent, to $600.92.The iPhone appeared to be the main issue. In a now-familiar pattern, analysts have been warning of potential weakness in iPhone sales because of the likelihood that the company would introduce a new version of the phone in the fall. Apple invariably brings out a new model around that time, and the anticipation can cause many phone shoppers to delay their purchases, leading to a surge in the holiday quarter. In a conference call with analysts, Apple executives blamed economic weakness in Europe, Australia, Brazil and other countries for some of the shortfall in iPhone sales. But the company also said that the widespread chatter about whatever smartphone it will sell next was a significant factor.
Rob Cihra, an analyst at Evercore Partners, said the iPhone was increasingly evolving into a business that has two quarters of gigantic sales, followed by two weaker ones, in which customers wait patiently for a new model. But Mr. Cihra said it would be far more worrisome if customers did not show so much enthusiasm about Apple’s next move. Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said there was not much Apple could do about the phenomenon beyond trying to keep
its plans secret.But they fell well short of the estimates of Wall Street analysts, who typically take Apple’s own forecasts with a grain of salt because of the company’s long history of underpromising and overdelivering on its financial performance.
But Mr. Makdissi later said that his comments had been misinterpreted, and the government said that his references to chemical weapons were only hypothetical in nature. The information minister, Omran al-Zoubi, told a Damascus radio station that Syria was only discussing the issue because it was being raised abroad. Saying that Syria would not use them against its own people “doesn’t mean that Syria has such weapons in the first place,” Mr. Zoubi said. Syria is one of eight countries that has refused to sign the international convention eliminating chemical weapons, and it has always been indirect in referring to its capabilities, using the mystery as a deterrent. Western governments and experts have said since the late 1980’s that Syria was manufacturing, stockpiling and testing chemical weapons. Last week, American officials who monitor intelligence reports said that the Syrian government had begun moving some of the weapons, but it was unclear which specific weapons were being moved, where they were taken or how many were involved.