Хамство на дорогах Владивостока / Новости

While some returnees complain about needing more closet space, that has not

been a problem for Ms. Vardhan. She

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recently moved out of her parents’ house and into a two-bedroom

apartment of her own,

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somewhat unusual for a single woman in India. Her

father owns an aviation consulting business and her

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mother is a teacher. Her sister lives in London and works as a business

strategy consultant.Standing

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in her nearly empty apartment in Gurgaon, a

rapidly growing neighborhood south of New Delhi, she

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one of her first purchases after arriving home in April.

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It was a bright yellow sleeveless cotton kurta with white churidar

pajamas. “I bought several of these

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outfits right after I moved back,” Ms. Vardhan said. “And it’s what I

wear on a

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regular basis to work.”Kurtas are long

shirts with split front and back panels that usually extend to

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mid-thigh; they are worn by both men and women. Churidar pajamas are

light cotton pants with wide

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drawstring waists and narrow

leggings that bunch at the ankles.

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Together, the pieces make an outfit, churidar-kurta. Like the similar

shalwar kameez, it is both modest

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and cool, essential in a place where summertime temperatures routinely

reach 120 degrees. Ms. Vardhan’s pajamas are so lightweight they are see